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Motor yachts are the most popular boat type worldwide. The range of motor boats reach from small RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) with few metres lenghts up to Mega yachts that reach 100 feet and beyond. You can rent power boats from nearly every port in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the Atlantic Coast. So called "Houseboats" are a more cosy variation of a powerboat. Such Riverboats are available for boating vacations on inland waterways like rivers, lakes and backwaters. Motor boats bigger than 17 metres are usually provided with a skipper or a crew. Smaller power boats are rented out as so called bareboats, means without skipper. Motorboat rentals are usually offered per day. However, you can charter motor yachts, which have cabins, also for weekly overnight stays.

Antares 36
€ 3790
Antares 36 Sveti Nikola


2Cabins 6Berths 1Toilets 10.32 mLength
Vacance 1200
€ 1130
Vacance 1200 Sylvia Maria

Müritz / Waren

2Cabins 4 + 2Berths 2Toilets 12.2 mLength
Greenline 33
€ 1748
Greenline 33 Tawny

Porto / Vila Nova de Gaia

1Cabins 2Berths 1Toilets 9.99 mLength
Aventura 43 Typ 2
€ 1270
Aventura 43 Typ 2 Timeless

Müritz / Waren

2Cabins 4Berths 2Toilets 13 mLength
Bavaria 29 Sport
€ 1040
Bavaria 29 Sport Tina

Müritz / Waren

1Cabins 2 + 2Berths 1Toilets 8.95 mLength
Bavaria 30 Sport
€ 2000
Bavaria 30 Sport Top of the Sea

Azores / St. Miguel

1Cabins 2 + 2Berths 1Toilets 11.8 mLength
Sunseeker Predator 68
€ 4991
Sunseeker Predator 68 Tranquility

Ibiza / Eivissa

MotoryachtCrewed boat2016
3Cabins 4Berths 3Toilets 21.6 mLength
Beneteau Flyer 7.7 Sundeck
€ 2560
Beneteau Flyer 7.7 Sundeck Tro

Costa Brava / Port L'Estartit

7.64 mLength
Rodman Fly 870
€ 441
Rodman Fly 870 TXANPA HIRU


1Cabins 2Berths 1Toilets 8.9 mLength
Gruno 41 Maxima
€ 1490
Gruno 41 Maxima Valentina

Müritz / Waren

3Cabins 6 + 2Berths 3Toilets 12.6 mLength
Bavaria Sport 30
€ 2350
Bavaria Sport 30 Valentina


2Cabins 4Berths 1Toilets 8.76 mLength
Gruno 38 E Royal
€ 1090
Gruno 38 E Royal Vanessa

Plau am See

2Cabins 4 + 2Berths 2Toilets 12 mLength

What different types of motor yacht rentals are there?

Boat rental on motor yachts is very common with day trips as those vessels are quite fast and get you around many places quickly. A popular type of boat for day charter is the RIB – rigid inflatable boat. Also many longer charter vacations take place on a motor yacht – in fact around 10 % of all bareboat charter yachts are motor boats.
Motor yachts come in all sizes. Bareboat charter is usually done on charter yachts under 17 m because leisure skippers are more easily capable of navigating them without help. If the hired yacht is bigger, the boat hire is likely to be a skippered or a crewed charter. But off course you can also hire a skipper and a crew with a smaller yacht or do a bareboat charter on a larger yacht. It just depends on your preference and your experience.

Superyacht charter, or luxury charter, takes place on yachts larger than 20 m and usually comes with a crew.

Another kind of yacht rental that is getting more and more popular is the houseboat charter. It typically takes place in a lake district or on rivers and canals. You can do round or one way trips and weekly boat rental or day charter.

If you are passionate about fishing, you can rent a sport fishing boat. Those special kinds of motor yachts are normally equipped with towers, outriggers, fish lockers, life wells for bait and much other gear anglers might need for deep water fishing.

How much does it cost to rent a powerboat for a day?

For having a day charter trip on your own responsibility with a 6 metre RIB you need to spend around 400 - 600 Euro in the Mediterranean. The fuel you have to pay extra. If that is too expensive, there are some rental companies offering small powerboats for a daily fee of less than 300 Euro. Those boats can still take up to 4 persons and have outboard engines with up to 15 HP. This makes them available even for leisure skippers that do not have a boating license. Sometimes you can even hire those small boats per hour or for half a day.

A 10 metre motor boat that can accommodate up to 10 persons will cost you around 700 to 1500 Euro per day. If you need a skipper, he will charge you around 150 Euro daily. The biggest motor yachts that you can charter without skipper have around 17 metre length. Those yachts have daily rates of 1500 - 3000 Euro.

Luxury boats larger than 20 metre always come with a captain and often have additional crew members. Those charters provide much more services and amenities like catering, comfortable lounges, multiple decks, fly-bridges, outside bars, Jacuzzis, water toys and entertainment on board. Charter prices for such crewed yachts start around 3000 Euro per day. The bigger the yacht, the higher the price. There is almost not limit to the top. More about this exclusive experience on our luxury yacht charter page.

What are the pros and cons of motor boat hire?

One big advantage motor boats have is that they are quite fast. If you like to feel the breeze in your hair on a wind still day, a speedy motor boat trip is something you will enjoy. If you are an adrenaline junky, you will get super-high once you feel the acceleration and beating rhythm of the deck you are standing on. Opposite to a cruising sailing boat that can make only 6 - 10 nautical miles per hour, a glider with an powerful engine can fly with 30 knots and more over the sea. This means you can reach remote destinations and ports in a relatively short time. If you like to sleep long on your vacation - no problem - within one hour you shuttle to hidden bays and beaches. After having lunch onboard, it is time for your babe to have a dip in the water. You will opt for some rounds with the water skies or prove your wakeboard skills. Finally, after a watching the sunset with a sundowner in your hand, you still can be back in the safe marina before the night falls down. Another pro is that you do not need to learn any sailing skills! You can manoeuvre the boat more or less like a floating car. The steering wheel size is anyway similar to a car. Instead of having the gas pedal at the foot you control the throttle with the hand. Indeed many power boaters avoid to learn how to lay a mooring rope properly.

The disadvantage of hiring a motor boat is that this form of transportation on the water is not eco-friendly and sustainable at all. Even you are an environmental ignorant you will lately notice in the moment when you are refilling the fuel tank of the boat that this experience is costly. While sailboats can spend a whole week with 100 litre of diesel, a big motor yacht can burn that in less than one hour. Furthermore, the engines can be very noisy, stressing the guest on board and even worse, the marine wildlife. During busy high season months, sensitive animals like dolphins, wales and many birds disappear from coastal waters cause they cannot stand the negative emissions from engines. Besides, on wavy days, the continuous bumping of a speeding boat can be very tiring and it creates anything else than a relaxed ambience.

What occasions are ideal for motor yacht rentals?

There are numerous reasons to hire a motor boat. This could be a corporate event with colleagues, the wedding day of your daughter, a honeymoon escape with your wife, a boating vacation week with your best mates or a romantic getaway with your latest flame. Fishing charters are very popular in the US, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and 100 other countries. Another amazing opportunity is a private diving expedition supported by a rented boat. Inviting investors or key customers on a motor yacht for closing a prosperous deal provides definitely a great kickoff for a successful business relation. Last not least, you could surprise your parents with a voucher for a memorable private river cruise on their 50th wedding day!

What about safety on a motor yacht charter?

In order to be safe on your boating holiday there are some regulations you need to follow. Before you start your charter you will be introduced to the location of the safety equipment (fire extinguisher, escape hatches, hoses etc.) and be given a basic introductory speech about safety at sea and emergency procedures. Part of your proof of experience is to show that you have done a boating safety course and know the rules of the road for taking pleasure crafts to water. So depending on how experienced you are, you may know a lot of that information already. In this case, repetition is a good thing, though, and it pays off to listen.

How does motor yacht charter work? Selecting the right boat for you.

Before you go on a charter holiday, think about what your priorities are. Do you need a lot of space for stowing water sports equipment and toys? If it is important for you to have a lot of deck space, you may want to try out a power catamaran, as they have an extended outside area. Depending on the charter destination, the weather will be different and boat decks in Northern countries will be much more covered than in the Mediterranean where they are normally open plan. Other important factors are the cabin arrangements and the amount of crew you require.

Luxury charter yachts offer all sorts of different designs and outlays and the bigger they are, the more features they will have like Jacuzzis, gyms and even helidecks.
With our YachtFinder you can compare boat rental prices and book easily and safe online! Special deals, such as early bird discounts and last-minute offers you can find in our specials page.
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    "Wooden edging to boat hull needs proper repair to reduce potential exposure to more wear and tear"
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    "Wunderbares Revier, sehr akzeptabler Kraftstoffverbrauch. Die unten bei der Kritik genannten Punkte ..."
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    "The Greenline 33 was well appointed, clean and the staff was fantastic. I did make use of my own chart plotter which came in very handy."
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    " The yacht was very clean, the galley was very nicely equipped, linens and bedding were of high quality."
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    "The boat is perfectly controlled, even in high waves, which is not typical for a motor yacht."
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    "The boat was lovely to spend time on. Very comfortable and clean. The staff were charming.We really enjoyed our trip."
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    "Für ganz unerfahrene die nicht schnell ein Fender umsetzen können, wären zwei weitere besser."
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    "insgesamt gepflegtes,sauberes Boot; 2Kühlschränke mit guter Aufteilung! Bis auf die Pfannen gute Küchenausstattung. Beweglicher Salontisch, gut zu "entkrümeln"."
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    "Verfügbarkeit von zusätzl. Leinen, Fernglas, Verlängerungskabel (Strom), Aktuelle Karten vom Fahrgebiet"
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    "Die freundlichkeit bei der Übernahme und die Einweisung in die Funktion des Schiffeswaren ausgezeichnet. Die Ausstattung mit Bug- & Heckstrahlruder ist sehr gut. ."
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