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Mauritius Boat Rental

Sail in this Amazing Tropical Paradise and Discover Interesting Culture

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Mauritius / Port Luis
Mauritius / Port Luis
2 yachts
€ 7245

Welcome to Mauritius! There are many interesting things to do and see during a sailing holiday in this beautiful destination and there is a thriving charter community based on a well-developed infrastructure that caters to growing numbers of sailors from around the world. There’s something for every taste, so don’t hesitate to come to Mauritius for a yacht charter.

In order to provide you with more accurate geographical information, we present you with an interactive map below where you can move around, zoom out or focus in on a special destination. Above, you have the YachtFinder® menu that allows you to search for yacht offers from our extensive database, and not just in Mauritius. There is a list of countries from which you can select, a list with boat types you can charter and other criteria such as departure date and duration of your boat rental.

On the right there is a list of articles that might prove useful when searching for alternative locations while sailing in Mauritius. These articles were written specifically for visitors on a motor or sailing yacht charter and tell you about details such as accommodation, accessibility and things to do in between sailing trips.

Map for Mauritius

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