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Yacht Charter Sicily / Trapani

Italy Sicily Trapani Aerial
The main link to the island of Malta and the Ebadi Islands, the port of Trapani is also an important economic settlement that has proved a key point in Sicily since ancient times. Famous for its cuisine and traditions, the city witnessed a touristic boom ever since Ryanair decided to make international runs here.

General Info
Everyone knows Italy is shaped like a boot. Well, if any of you Yacht Charter sailors out there is looking for Trapani on a map, all you have to do is look at the very tip of the boot, in Sicily, and you’ll find it on the coast, next to the city of Marsala.

Built as a fishing city, the town has become today very important, being the capital of the Province of Trapani, a big port and a direct link to the Egadi Islands. Apart from being a renowned city for its seafood and Sicilian cuisine, Trapani also makes the perfect location to start your Yacht Charter exploration of the Sicilian coast.

Travel & Arrival
For those of you Yacht Charter tourists seeking transportation to Trapani, there is a small airport operating nearby, but it only operates internal flights from Rome, Bologna, Milan and Pantelleria. Another cheap option would be to fly to Malta and then catch a ferry to Trapani.

On land, most routes come from Palermo, the largest and most important city in Sicily. Train and bus rides which operate daily can be found going to Trapani, some continuing to Marsala. Yacht Charter tourists which arrive in here in a car, should follow the A29 if coming from Palermo, and the SS115 or the SP21 when coming from down the coast.

Avant & Apres Sail
Though a city with a long history going back to its foundation by the Phoenicians, there are little historical sights left today, a few ancient and more medieval ones. But the town has suffered greatly from the bombings of the Second World War. Yacht Charter visitors should see the numerous churches and cathedrals, the Chiesa del Purgatorio, the Santuario dell’Annunziata, the Museo Regionale Pepoli, the Palazzo Della Giudecca and the buildings along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

The many restaurants operating in the region await the hungry Yacht Charter masses with tempting menus which outline the importance of the sea to the locals. Among the local delicacies you might be tempted to try the Cous Cous Trapanese, the Sarde a Beccafico Trapanese and the Pesto alla Trapanese. Of course, there are also establishments that serve the ubiquitous pizza for those that want to taste real Italian recipes, but the Sicilian cuisine shouldn’t be missed out on.

Shopping couldn’t have been left out, since this is Italy after all, and Trapani is the perfect place to make your wallet lose some weight. Starting with the clothes boutiques, the jewelries and the antique selling shops, the locals will be tempting your Yacht Charter gang with a lot of stuff, including handicrafts and souvenirs.

The Italian in general and the Sicilians in particular are said to know how to enjoy life. For that, just head out to the many pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs after night fall and you’ll see what makes Trapani a popular Yacht Charter destination. Good music, good food, pleasant atmosphere (even if sometimes loud) will lure you out of the hotel room night after night.

Events & Actions
As with other Italian cities, you’ll find that most of the local events have some religious significance, like the  Processione dei Misteri on Easter and the Feast of Sant’Alberto or Madonna of Trapani, but you’ll also find cultural events such as the Summer Opera Events.
Sicily / Trapani Yacht Charter
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Bavaria 32 (2Cab) Bavaria 32
2011 | 4 pers | 9.99 m | 1 Toilets
Good 4.43 / 5 = "Good" (2 Customer Reviews) offers from 1415 EUR
Sun Odyssey 349 (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 349
2015 | 6 pers | 10.34 m | 1 Toilets
Good 4.04 / 5 = "Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 1740 EUR
Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 (3Cab) Beneteau Cyclades 39.3
2008 | 6 pers | 11.97 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 1645 EUR
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2017 | 6 pers | 12.5 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 1973 EUR
Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 (4Cab) Beneteau Cyclades 43.4
2007 | 9 pers | 13.25 m | 2 Toilets
Good 4.18 / 5 = "Good" (3 Customer Reviews) offers from 2140 EUR
Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab) Sun Odyssey 449
2017 | 9 pers | 13.76 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2995 EUR
Dufour 460 Grand Large (4Cab) Dufour 460 Grand Large
2016 | 10 pers | 14.15 m | 4 Toilets
offers from 2715 EUR
Bavaria 50 (5Cab) Bavaria 50
2008 | 10 pers | 15.43 m | 3 Toilets
offers from 2620 EUR
More 55 More 55
2017 | 11 pers | 17.7 m | 4 Toilets
offers from 4570 EUR
GoodSicily / Trapani
64.24 / 5

6 Reviews for Sicily / Trapani
latest by "Volker" on 01 Oct 2016
  • : - 3.89
    "Nette und hilfreiche Menschen, Toiletten und sanitäre Anlagen (sofern vorhanden) sehr sauber"
  • : - 4.40
    "La Sicilia intera è spettacolare"

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Bavaria 32 (2Cab)

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)
26/08/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)
02/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)
09/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)

Bavaria 32 (2Cab)
16/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)

Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)
16/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Sun Odyssey 349 (3Cab)

Sun Odyssey 349 (3Cab)
23/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)

Sun Odyssey 449 (4Cab)
23/09/17: 7 Days
Sicily / Trapani

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