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Yacht Charter Sicily / Cefalu

Italy Cefalu City Center
Together with Taormina, Cefalu represents the best Sicily has to offer in terms of Yacht Charter entertainment and sailing opportunities. With a long history and a stunning location on a high rock above the sea, Cefalu is one of those picture-perfect places that you come to every year.

General Info
At the very northern tip of the island of Sicily, 81km east of Palermo and 170km west of Messina lies the small town of Cefalu, a former fishing village. Apart from being one of the best Yacht Charter attractions of the region, Cefalu is trying to steal the top spot for Sicily’s best resort from Taormina.

The city was founded by the Greeks, testament to that being the name which is mentioned under the Roman rule. Under the Byzantines, the town moved its position from the plain on which it sat (the old town is still there today, not fully abandoned) on a spur at a higher elevation. The current location is much more picturesque and draws a lot more Yacht Charter attention.

Travel & Arrival
For flying purposes, most Yacht Charter arrivals choose the biggest airport on the island of Sicily, Palermo International which can be found about 100km to the west. Though the transfer time can be over an hour, many low-cost airlines such as Ryanair fly here, making it worth your while.

It’s easy to get to Cefalu from other parts of the island too, such as Palermo, Milazzo or Messina, via train, which can also continue on to Naples and Rome. There are busses that make runs several times a day from Palermo and Castelbuono, the journey taking about 1 hour, which makes it the perfect transfer method for Yacht Charter groups.

Palermo is also the linking city for water travels. From that port there are hydrofoils arriving at Cefalu and then continuing to the Aeolian islands. This is a popular method for Yacht Charter visitors to make a day trip to the Aeolians.

Avant & Apres Sail
Without a doubt, the most impressive attraction in Cefalu is the Cathedral (Duomo) with its massive and yet impressive architecture. There are also other churches that impress the Yacht Charter visitor, like the Santa Maria dell’Odigitria, Santa Oliva, San Sebastiano and many more. The ruins of the old town can still be seen today and attest to its importance in ancient times. Other sights include the Seminary and the Bishop’s Palace, the ancient Roman baths and the remains of the Abbey of Thelema founded by an occultist.

In Cefalu you can certainly enjoy the wonders of the Sicilian cusines, praised all over the world for its flavors and aromas. Local produce include cheeses, sausages, cured meats, olives, fruit and various types of bread. There are also numerous pasticerias, pastry shops, which sell cakes and cookies to curious Yacht Charter shoppers, eager to taste Sicily. Most of the restaurants worth eating at can be found around the old town.

Nightlife isn’t something big in Cefalu, the locals preserving their tradition of quiet evenings. The only people found roaming the streets after sunset are the Yacht Charter sailors looking for some fun. For them, there are a couple of bars, including some very lively English pubs which stir up the quiet atmosphere of the medieval town.

Events & Actions
The beach in Cefalu, with its crescent shape, is one of the gathering places for Yacht Charter guests and locals alike in summer, which is why it tends to get crowded. When you get tired of roasting in the sun, you can always take a trip around town or sail to the neighboring Aeolian islands, an activity preferred by many sailors for the unspoiled beauty of these ancient pieces of land that remained mostly unchanged to this day.
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