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Yacht Charter Sardinia / Alghero

Italy Alghero Fort
Having arrived at the historic centre of Alghero, one is tempted to linger for a few days enchanted by the numerous beautiful churches and alleys.
General Info
Not many Yacht Charter holidaymakers that come here every year to enjoy the beautiful weather, the even more beautiful beaches and the lovely food know that Alghero used to be known as little Barcelona in the past.

This idyllic town on the western coast of Sardinia enjoys a lot of popularity among Yacht Charter circles for its distinct Catalan character, due to the influence of Pedro IV of Aragon who took over in the 14th century and then proceeded to colonize it with Spanish people. Today, it’s known as a busy an important port on this side of the Mediterranean.

Travel & Arrival
The good thing about Alghero Airport is that’s it’s actually located within the city limits, 10km from the center. The two main operators that fly to Alghero are Ryanair and Air One. From the airport the Yacht Charter guest can either take a taxi, a bus or rent a car.

There is also a train station 15 minutes from the town and from there, you can catch a ride into other towns on the island, like Cagliari, another famous Yacht Charter destination. For a quicker trip, you could try to get a bus which takes only 3 hours.

Arriving here in a car may not be the best idea as the parking in town, especially in the old part is quite scarce and you’ll find yourself cruising the streets for long intervals of time looking for a parking space. Yacht Charter guests are advised to leave their cars outside of town.

Avant & Apres Sail
Similar to other historic towns in Sardinia, you’ll find that Alghero has an old center where most of the sights are concentrated. Yacht Charter tourists coming in from the north, following the coast will notice the Bastione la Maddalena. Other sights are the Giardini Publici, the Piazza Civica, Cathedral and the Via Carlo Alberto which is the main attraction due to its concentration of shops, bars but also old churches.

A very large number of Yacht Charter sailors swear by the cuisine found in Alghero, and it’s no wonder that the roadside taverns are packed full of people from the early hours of the morning. The Catalan heritage means you’re likely to find paella and lobster (known as aragosta to the locals). There are also the common pizzerias to be found, a reminder that you’re still in Italy, but the Sardinians are masters of simple seafood recipes and that’s what you’ll find when visiting here.

However, whereas the cuisine and restaurant life is thriving in Alghero, you’ll find that the night scene is somewhat quieter. The only fun thing you can do after dark is take your Yacht Charter buddies and hang out at one of the watering holes which can be found throughout the old town. These are even better in the summer, when they take out seat onto the road, thus offering you a chance to glance at the lively streets. Some of the local drinks include the Limoncello, Mirot and local wines.

Events & Actions
As far as events go, Alghero seems to have some sort of celebration at any time of the year. Aside from the religious festivals, common throughout the Mediterranean, there are also celebrations of local traditions such as the Calvalcata Sarda (May), or cultural events such as the Festival Algues and its Journeys (April), sporting events like the Women’s Tennis Cup Fair of Candelieri (June) and the Alghero Challenge Cup, a feast for Yacht Charter lovers in October.

Getting out of the old town and heading to the beaches and the neighboring countryside will bring the Yacht Charter groups a breath of fresh air and a welcome change of pace. Among the most popular pastimes you’ll find Scuba diving, caving, climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, hunting and sailing, something for every member of your Yacht Charter crew.
Sardinia / Alghero Yacht Charter
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