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Yacht Charter Porto San Rocco (Triest)

Italy Trieste Harbor
The Gulf of Trieste is the ideal location to experience both the Dalmatian and the Italian Adriatic coast and Porto San Rocco is the perfect place to enjoy a true sailing holiday. A place where Italian style meets Slavic wealth and glamour.

General Info

With a perfect position on a peninsula in between the cities of Muggia and San Bartolomeo in the Gulf of Trieste, Porto San Rocco makes the ideal location for those Yacht Charter vacations. Porto San Rocco is a newly built location with an ancient look, mirroring fishing villages of the Mediterranean shores but with modern facilities.

15 years in the making, this project started off as a huge shipyard by after the war it took a group of investors to transform it into the Yacht Charter paradise that it has become today. Not far from the Slovenian border it’s used by the Russian jet-set as a weekend or summer refuge, but since it’s also close to Trieste, there are many Italians that chose to travel here to enjoy the Adriatic Sea coast.

Travel & Arrival
The closest airport where your flight can land is the one near Trieste, Ronchi dei Legionari, which is nearly 50km due north and which has lots of low-cost operators making runs here. The only thing Yacht Charter lovers will have to worry about is how to get to Porto San Rocco.

By car, the main road leading into the region is the SS202 from the north and the A1 from the south, but the one Yacht Charter tourists should follow is the SS15 and then the via de Trieste in order to be able to drive straight into town.

By water, the port is easy to find as it can be seen from Trieste on the other side of the gulf. There are ferry services leading to Trieste from all over the Italian coast, including Venice and Durazzo, but the Yacht Charter visitor should look for a link towards Porto San Rocco in the Muggia Bay, or simply follow the coordinates 45° 36,621 north and 13° 45,155 east if you have your own boat.

Avant & Apres Sail
Because it’s a modern place, built with the tourist’s needs in mind, you won’t find too many historical landmarks here. But Yacht Charter fans need not worry, Porto San Rocco does have its own charm.

The port with the marina is obviously the first place you’ll see, as the whole city is focused on maritime transport. Another sight which might prove interesting to Yacht Charter groups is the hamlet, a  residential center designed by Luigi Vietti who is responsible for other projects in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Very colorful and reminiscent of the Venetian style, it’s equipped with all the facilities that make a holiday fun:  hotels, restaurants, fitness center, spa, shopping center, bars, pizzeria and a boat accessories shop.

The nearby town of Trieste will make up for the historical and cultural part of your  trip as well as making a lovely destination for a day trip in case your Yacht Charter party gets bored. Muggia is also worth visiting as it’s very close and it’s very similar to Venice in style and overall architecture.

Events & Activities
Apart from the water-based activities that will eat up most of the Yacht Charter guests’ time, there are several fun things to do on land. The backcountry of this port is very picturesque and has an extremely varied flora and fauna. Biking and hiking trips are organized to the grottoes and caverns of the Karst plateau. Then, there’s always rafting, kayaking and canoeing on the inland rivers.

As far as events go, you shouldn’t miss the Barcolana, in the second Sunday in October, a huge nautical event taking place in the gulf with as many as 2000 participants. Then, there’s the Marathon of Europe (first Sunday in May) for the sportier Yacht Charter guests, the Festival of the Operetta in Trieste, the film festivals (also in Trieste), Le Nozze  Carsiche (traditional carnival) and the big Carnevale Muggesano when Muggia transforms into a virtual Rio de Janeiro with costumes, masks and floats.
Porto San Rocco (Triest) Yacht Charter
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