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Thailand / Phuket - A Thai Sailing Trip
The Island of Phuket and the town of Phuket retain a distinct Chinese influence, but there is still plenty of Thailand for you to enjoy. The prices are low and the scenery lovely, the weather is always warm and the sailing is always in season. What's not to like?

General Info
Phuket town is the main settlement on the island bearing the same name, which also happens to be the largest in Thailand, facing the Andaman Sea, but foremost a paradise for western Yacht Charter who come here for all the beaches, the lovely weather and of course, the Asian charm.

With the largest population, Phuket Town is the main economic hub of the island which is saying a lot since provincial towns in Thailand are generally ordinary. The town’s history stretches back to the last century when the tin boom afforded the expansion of Phuket. The general architecture is called Sino-Portuguese and is heavily reminiscent of the Asian colonial, taking Yacht Charter visitors back to the days of the old barons.

Travel & Arrival
The island is serviced by the Phuket International Airport, located in the north, which is pretty much on the other side of the island, since Phuket lies on the southeastern shore. The distance is 32km and the transfer time is about half an hour. Yacht Charter tourists are advised to have a rental car waiting for them as public transportation on the island is dodgy.

The only road linking the island to the mainland is the 402, which also leads into Phuket town. This particular road goes all around the island, in case you tire of the local beaches and want to try sunbathing with your Yacht Charter group elsewhere. Also, there are bus lines going to Phuket, leaving from Bangkok on a trip take usually takes 13 hours.

From Ko Phi Phi and from Krabi on the mainland, you can arrive to Phuket by ferry, on trips that take 90 minutes. These are among the best ways to travel to the island, being fast and comfortable, though in rough weather your sea legs will be put to the test. During the Yacht Charter season there are also speed boats to Ko Racha and the Similan islands.

Avant & Apres Sail
When it comes to attractions, the old part of town and the Chinese district make up for the most part of Yacht Charter visitors. But you’ll also find temples such as Jui Tui and Put Jaw which will surely grab your eye. There is also culture and heritage to be observed, mainly at the Phuket Culture Museum but also at the Cultural Center which also houses the University. Outside of town, there is the beautiful Orchid Farm and the Thai Village where you can see typical Thai customs.

Not just Yacht Charter enthusiasts but even some of the locals come to Phuket town in order to do some shopping. Apart from the famous local markets, there are additional malls and department stores especially in the Chinese district. Here, you can pick up almost anything quintessentially Thai, lots of souvenirs of local products.

Food prices in Phuket are decent and there are plenty of venues scattered around town which will show your Yacht Charter the ins and outs of Thai cuisine. A nice change of pace is the Chinese cuisine, but you can get a taste of home if you want – there are restaurants that serve an International menu.

Though not as vibrant or colorful as the nightlife in neighboring Patang, Phuket too offers some great means of entertainment after dark. Yacht Charter sailors can enjoy the clubs downtown and the additional bars, though it’s not the kind of atmosphere westerners are used to. There are even British and Irish pubs, karaoke bars and snazzy live music joints.

Actions & Events
Regarded by some as a boring provincial town, Phuket makes up for the slower pace with its wonderful beaches, some of the finest on the island. As far as events go, you guessed right if you said there is at least some form of Chinese celebration. There’s the Vegetarian Festival in September, the Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) in April, the Loy Krathong Festival in November (Festival of lights), the Chinese New Year in January, the Gay fest in March, and, for the Yacht Charter devotees, the Phuket King’s Cup regatta in December.
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