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Yacht Charter Majorca / Puerto Pollensa

Spain Mallorca Puerto De Pollenca Hotel
Idyllic without being provincial, popular without being crowded and beautiful without question, Port de Pollenca is your chance to visit the Balearic Islands far away from the noisy tourist crowds, the parties and the glamour. Just a sleepy fishing village where you can come with your family for a relaxing vacation

General Info

There’s an unwritten rule that whenever mountains meet sea, the resulting landscape is always very beautiful. Nowhere is this truer than for the small town of Port de Pollenca on Majorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands, sitting at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range in a peaceful bay.

At the very northern tip of Majorca, the small fishing village Port de Pollenca is known for its peaceful atmosphere and for the sandy beaches bordered by the seawalk. In the evening Yacht Charter tourists and locals can be found wondering on their paseo or stroll, a tradition kept for decades.

Travel & Arrival
The island of Majorca is serviced by the airport bearing the name "Palma-San Juan", one of the busiest in Europe during the summer season, despite the small size of the island. Spain’s third biggest airport is located almost 70 km to the southwest of Port de Pollenca and is serviced by all major European airlines, but is a favorite destination for British and German Yacht Charter enthusiasts.

By land, there is a way of getting to Pollenca via the biggest city on the island, Palma de Mallorca. Most Yacht Charter visitors coming in find it easy to make a stop here first and then drive to other locations on the island. If that is the case with you, then follow the Ma-13 road to the northeast and then get off on the MA-2220 to reach Pollenca.

For those who enjoy water travel, ferries arrive in Palma de Mallorca, but also in Port d’Alcudia, which is much closer to the city, just a few kilometers down the coast. You’ll find Pollenca as a destination port when travelling with your Yacht Charter crew from Barcelona.

Avant & Apres Sail
While being renowned for its quiet, family- friendly atmosphere, you might find that there aren’t that many things to do while in Port de Pollenca. However, there is a bustling cultural life here, thanks to the high numbers of painters that have been making trips here in search of inspiration. Yacht Charter devotees can visit the Museum of Pollenca, Casa Museu Dionis Bennassar and the Museu Marti Visenç.

Historical points of interest might also be found in churches in Pollenca and the Roman bridge built in 123 BC that leads into the town itself. Apart from these, a Yacht Charter art lover can visit any of the numerous galleries that display paintings and hold regular exhibitions.

True to its name as a tourist town, Pollenca has over 100 restaurants and cafes that offer everything from Chinese to Swiss dishes. But as always, the hungry Yacht Charter visitor will want to sample some of the local delicacies and for this he should try the Pa amb Oli (basically bread with oil, a reminiscent Roman tradition), Coca (the local equivalent of pizza), Tumbet (ratatouille with potatoes) and the delicious Lechona (roasted suckling pig).

Though in the local shops you’ll find everything the modern Yacht Charter sailor needs to fulfill his needs, you’re invited to taste one of the types of wine served in the local bodegas, as the region is famous for growing vines and producing organic wines for export.

Events & Actions
To the usual sunbathing and water sports that are common to every Yacht Charter resort, Port de Pollenca has some other interesting activities on land. Bird watching, though not so popular nowadays, still thrives here, and goes hand in hand with biking and hiking in the countryside of Majorca.

The old town of Pollenca is rooted in tradition, and that’s why, throughout the year, there are numerous religious events, saints’ days, carnivals and fiestas. You’re bound to catch one no matter when your Yacht Charter party arrives here.
Majorca / Puerto Pollensa Yacht Charter
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Sun Odyssey 33i Sun Odyssey 33i
2011 | 4 pers | 9.96 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 1367 EUR
Oceanis 38 (3Cab) Oceanis 38
2014 | 6 pers | 11.5 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 2280 EUR
Sun Odyssey 409 (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 409
2012 | 6 pers | 12.34 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2325 EUR
Helia 44 (4Cab) Helia 44
2014 | 10 pers | 13.3 m | 4 Toilets
Very Good 4.83 / 5 = "Very Good" (2 Customer Reviews) offers from 4230 EUR
Dufour 460 Grand Large (4Cab) Dufour 460 Grand Large
2016 | 8 pers | 14.15 m | 4 Toilets
Very Good 4.89 / 5 = "Very Good" (1 Customer Review) offers from 3210 EUR
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) Bavaria 46 Cruiser
2007 | 8 pers | 14.2 m | 2 Toilets
Good 4.3 / 5 = "Good" (2 Customer Reviews) offers from 2550 EUR
VeryGoodMajorca / Puerto Pollensa
54.63 / 5
Very Good

5 Reviews for Majorca / Puerto Pollensa
latest by "Manfred " on 30 Apr 2016
  • : - 4.12
    "Teilweise sehr hilfsbereite Marineros."
  • : - 4.91
    "Trotzt bester Infrastruktur hat der Ort einen ursprünglichen Charme"
  • : - 4.84
    "Marinagebühr z. T. recht hoch"
  • : - 4.78

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Sun Odyssey 33i

Sun Odyssey 33i
02/09/17: 7 Days
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Sun Odyssey 33i

Sun Odyssey 33i
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Sun Odyssey 33i

Sun Odyssey 33i
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Sun Odyssey 33i

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Sun Odyssey 33i

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Sun Odyssey 33i

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14/10/17: 7 Days
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