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With the military fleet moored here and thousands of commercial ships passing through every day, it's no wonder that Kiel was chosen to host the biggest sailing event not just in Germany but also the entire world. Coming to Kiel is an acknowledgement of your passion for boats.
General Info
Kiel is known throughout Germany as the main maritime port in the north part of the country, thanks to its position on the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the southwest of the Jutland peninsula. And don’t think that Kiel is famous only for commercial or military ships, it’s also home to the biggest sailing event in the world – the Kiel Week, always a favorite with Yacht Charter everywhere.

The city’s history is intertwined with that of the famous Hanseatic League which monopolized commerce all along the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. It goes even more back in time, right back to the Vikings, but today it’s known as a cultural (the Kiel University is famous in all Europe), commercial and industrial (shipbuilding is an important activity here) center that attracts all kinds of tourists, not just the Yacht Charter type.

Travel & Arrival
Northern Germany is one of the easier destinations, accessible from all parts of Europe, especially via air travel, since Kiel has its own airport. This is located less than 10 km from the city but handles only domestic flights. For those Yacht Charter travelers coming from outside of Germany, the closest international terminals are at Hamburg Airport, with an added distance of 90 km for the trip back.

Numerous roads converge to this town’s location, so it’s fairly easy to arrive here by car too. Roads like the E22, the E45 and the E47 traverse the region, with the E45 being a direct link from Hamburg and then continuing further north into Denmark. The E47 also heads to Denmark but Yacht Charter drivers will have to take the ferry to get to/from there.

Bus and train services run regularly from neighboring cities such as Hamburg and Lűbeck, but also from the country’s capital of Berlin with the added bonus of arriving in downtown Kiel. With the train, the Yacht Charter crews have the option of transferring to Danish Rail.

Ferry terminals here in Kiel link with the ones in Osla, Norway and also with the ones in Goteburg, Sweden, so for any Yacht Charter parties arriving from that region this would be a cheap, comfortable option to get to Kiel.

Avant & Apres Sail
Believe it or not, the Nord-Ostsee Kanal in Kiel is one of the busiest canals in the world and many people, including Yacht Charter sailors consider that a sight worth seeing, and walk or cycle along its bank for kilometers. And since you’re into boats, you should also take a peek at the German Baltic fleet which is moored here.

Some other sights are the 67-meter tall tower of the town hall, the Hindenburgufer promenade, the Hörn Bridge, the St. Nicholas churh, the Maritime Museum and the “Gorch Fock” (a large sailing ship used for training). As you can see, most of these have something to do with boats or sailing, so they should be to the liking of any person with Yacht Charter inclinations.

In order to keep up with the demands of its dwellers and those of the Yacht Charter visitors, the city has a host of shopping center. The most famous of these is Holstenstrasse, a pedestrian precint, just across from the railway, lined with all sorts of shops.

When you’re done shopping, you should get a bite to eat and better than the sprats, a smoked fish specialty that is served whole. You’ll find this in any restaurant in the city, along with various recipes from the gourmet international menu. An added bonus of Kiel being a trading hub is the fact that the wines list in restaurants are quite extensive and able to cover a wide assortment of Yacht Charter tastes.

Events & Actions
The most famous event here is without a doubt the Kiel Week, the biggest sailing event in Germany but also a big social and cultural happening. It welcomes over 2000 boats and over 5000 Yacht Charter sailors each year. Not just the boat regatta is in high demand but also the food and crafts fairs, the nightly concerts with big artists as well as open-air events during the day.

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