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Yacht Charter Imperia / Andora

Close to the French border, this historical small town is famous for its regattas, its beaches and its numerous festivals that celebrate the local produce (fish, basil and pesto sauce). Easily accessible by land, sea and air, it's no wonder that during the summer the population doubles and even triples in size from all the tourists setting up their base here.

General Info
Thanks to its name, this Yacht Charter resort can be mistaken for the small European state of Andorra, but this is actually a small town on the western Italian Riviera. It’s exact location is on the coastal region called Palms Riviera, a part that is close to the border with France.

Andora has an interesting setting where the Merula river flows into the Mediterranean. The closest big cities are Savona (55km), Imperia (15km), Sanremo (40km) and Genoa (100km to the east).  For Yacht Charter sailors, the town can be found between Capo Mele in the east and Capo Mimosa in the west.

Travel & Arrival
Travelling to this part of Italy is very easy, because there are many big cities and highways linking Italy and France. From Italy, a group of Yacht Charter adventurers could fly to Genoa airport which is 100km to the east. From France, the group could fly into Nice international airport which is roughly 110km to the west. The transfer time from France will take longer and there are chances that Bice airport will be crowded, especially during summer.

Land access is facilitated for Yacht Charter people who drive by the A10/E80 highway which passes by the town. This follows the coast into France and continues further into Italy, connecting with the A15 and some of the bigger cities on the Italian peninsula.

Avant & Apres Sail
The whole region has been inhabited since prehistoric times, which means there are a lot of historical monuments and relics, from the Romans, the Goths, the Venetians and the French. Most of them are located on a hill located inland. This is where the Yacht Charter visitors will come across the Clavesana castle, the chapel of St. Nicholas, the church of St. James and St. Phillip. Further down the road there is a bridge over the Merula river called the “Roman river”.

The local shopping revolves around the summer Yacht Charter industry which accounts for most of the income for Andora. There are souvenir shops scattered along the waterfront but there are also shops which sell some of the local produce including basil (grown in copious amounts here), pesto sauce, fruit, vegetables, olives and olive oil and wine, of course. There is also a famous monthly antique market in the town ceter where you can get some interesting souvenirs.

The restaurants in this holiday resort are adapted to the agricultural status of the town. Fish recipes and typically Italian cuisine can be found. Wine is another celebrated local produce here and it perfectly blends in with the menus created by the chefs especially for Yacht Charter foreigners.

The beaches are the place to be even after night fall. The bars along the promenade are full of Yacht Charter sailors but during the summer, you’ll find that there are many loud parties organized on the beach, with live DJs and live music.

Events & Actions
The Italians of Andora celebrate everything and anything. First off, there’s the Sale e pesce festival in May, basically a two-day celebration of what the locals respect the most: salt and fish (a symbol of the earth and the sea). Then, Yacht Charter travelers can enjoy the St. Rita holiday also in May when roses are brought into church and blessed. The beer festival in June is by far one of the most appreciated events in Andora, gathering massive crowds from all over the country. Yacht Charter sailors will appreciate the numerous regattas that take place here throughout the year for various categories of sailing vessels.

The Blue Flag beaches are undoubtedly the most popular places in Andora and take up most of the time of the visinting Yacht Charter tourists. Then there are hiking and cycling through the hinterland, horseback riding as well as a hoard of water sports.
Imperia / Andora Yacht Charter
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