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Yacht Charter Denia

Spain Denia Town
Known for its raisin and toy exports, this small town also acts as a tourist center during the summer months, when its population doubles in number thanks to the large crowds who come here in search of fun in the sun. Also, many pass through Denia to get to the Balearic Islands.

General Info

The particular stretch of coast where Denia is situated is called Costa Blanca (White Coast), along Spain's eastern shore, 85 km north east of Alicante. This old town is a known Yacht Charter destination, also being an important harbor of the region, with ferry connections to Ibiza, Mallorca and others.

Travel & Arrival
There is no nearby airport so your best chance of flying in with your Yacht Charter group would be to use the airport in Alicante, 104 km down the coast, or the one in Valencia, 114 km up the coast. From there you could take a bus or the train from Alicante, the one called El Tenet, which is a very interesting trip with lots of sightseeing and which lasts 2 and a half hours.

Driving in with your Yacht Charter crew, you should follow the AP-7 highway, also known as the E-15, taking the CV-725 exit to reach Denia. Another more scenic trail would be the one via CV-730 which follows the coast.

Being an important port, there are ferries coming in from the Balearic Islands, linking these virtual tourist hot sports with the mainland. During the summer months, you could catch a ferry to and from Formentera too.

Avant & Apres Sail
The most famous landmark in Denia is the old fortress built by the Moors in the 11th century which dominates the region and offers a beautiful overview of the sea and the backlands. In the castle itself, visiting Yacht Charter tourists will find the Palau del Governador with its museum.

A great time for Yacht Charter nature lovers is the Mount Mongo Natural Park that has a great number of flora and fauna species and should also make a wonderful day trip. Also in this category is the Cape of San Antoni Sea Reserve, great for scuba diving and snorkeling.

For some interesting and peculiar things to Denia, head to the Toy Museum and the La Lonja Fish Market in the port. And speaking of shopping, any Yacht Charter guest can pick up a few souvenirs along the main road, Calle de Marques de Campo, where you’ll also find some of the best restaurants and bars.

A definite must on your menu should be the impressive assortment of cakes and sweets which have managed to put Denia on the map and prove to be a big hit not with just the kids, but also with the Yacht Charter grown-ups.

Events & Actions
Yacht Charter parties come here for the beaches, there’s no doubt about that in anyone’s mind. There are 20 km of coast in Denia, with a rocky part and a sandy one. The sandy beaches are ideal for people traveling with kids as they have lifeguards and showers. The rocky ones south of the town sit in more deep bays and so are perfect for deep-water exploring.

There are some caves worth exploring in the region, making it that much more appealing for those Yacht Charter adventurers. But for those of you that enjoy the comfort of modern life, Denia has a lovely golf course with 18 holes.

And being a city with a long history, you can be sure that they’ll be a lot of interesting festivities happening throughout the year. Here, they’re called “fiestas” and they are the perfect times for Yacht Charter crowds to observe local customs and traditions. For example, the Three Wise Men Fiesta takes place in January, the Falles bonfires take place in March, the Bous a la Mar (Patron Saint) happens every July and the All Saint Attraction Fair in October.
Denia Yacht Charter
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Harmony 34 (2Cab) Harmony 34
2011 | 6 pers | 10 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 1690 EUR
Dufour 335 Grand Large (2Cab) Dufour 335 Grand Large
2014 | 4 pers | 10.28 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 1990 EUR
Dufour 34 (3Cab) Dufour 34
2010 | 6 pers | 10.3 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 2290 EUR
Harmony 38 (3Cab) Harmony 38
2012 | 8 pers | 11 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 1990 EUR
Sun Odyssey 37 (3Cab) Sun Odyssey 37
2006 | 6 pers | 11.4 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 1850 EUR
Dufour 405 (3Cab) Dufour 405
2010 | 8 pers | 11.9 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2450 EUR
Dufour 405 (3Cab) Dufour 405
2010 | 8 pers | 11.9 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2450 EUR
Lagoon 400 (4Cab) Lagoon 400
2010 | 12 pers | 11.97 m | 4 Toilets
offers from 4790 EUR
Dufour 410 Grand Large (3Cab) Dufour 410 Grand Large
2015 | 6 pers | 12.35 m | 1 Toilets
offers from 2650 EUR
Lagoon 42 (4Cab) Lagoon 42
2016 | 8 pers | 12.94 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 7630 EUR
Helia 44 (4Cab) Helia 44
2015 | 8 pers | 13.3 m | 4 Toilets
offers from 5690 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 45 (4Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 45
2012 | 10 pers | 13.6 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 3450 EUR
Dufour 455 (4Cab) Dufour 455
2010 | 10 pers | 13.76 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 3450 EUR
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) Bavaria 46 Cruiser
2008 | 6 pers | 14.48 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 3450 EUR
Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab) Dufour 500 Grand Large
2016 | 8 pers | 15.1 m | 3 Toilets
offers from 4790 EUR
Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab) Dufour 500 Grand Large
2015 | 8 pers | 15.1 m | 3 Toilets
offers from 4790 EUR
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