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Yacht Charter Bocca di Magra

This small town goes relatively unnoticed by most tourists agencies which is why it’s a perfect place for Yacht Charter crews looking for a relaxing getaway. Situated in the Ligurian Sea, it has the perfect setting for a marina to provide shelter or become a base for exploring this part of the Italian coast.
General info
The town takes the name of an abandoned fishing village which today sits on the right side of the river with the same name. On the opposite site, closer to the main land, there is the town on Fiumaretta.

The town itself looks like most Italian small settlements on the coast and it probably evolved from the nearby fishing village. For many years it’s been known as a place of great beauty, which inspired many artists to come here and enjoy nature.

Travel & Arrival
The closest airport to this location is the Gal Galilei in Pisa which lies 65km km to the south along the coast. That means that access is fairly easy and since there is a highway nearby, transfer time is also under one hour.

By land, there are several large roads leading into either La Spezia, like the A15, or to Viareggio and Pisa, like the A12. That means that for anyone travelling by car, there is easy, quick access in very scenic roads that run along the coast, making your trip more enjoyable.

By water, the closest ferry lines are in Livorno, which lies 80km further down the coast to the south, which means a transfer time of just over an hour. The good part is the leghorn is linked to numerous other cities and islands on the Italian coast such as Palermo, Cagliari, Bastia, Porto Vecchio or Olbia.

Avent & Apres Sail
The town does not offer much in terms of attractions but it does offer a lot of traditional Italian charms, the kind you only see in movies, thanks mainly to the fact that the region hasn’t been touched by mass tourism. In a suburb of the town, Yacht Charter sailors will find the ruins of an old villa which is said to have great architectural importance.

The town’s beauty inspired many artists to come here, the likes of Eugenio  Montale, Giulio Einaudi, Cesare Pavese and many others, in search if inspiration and relaxation. In fact, the beauty of the region has ensured that it has been inducted in touristic routes of the Val di Magra and Terra di Luni cultural Park.

Fishing is the mainstay of the town, and many Yacht Charter visitors find it charming and refreshing to come and buy fish straight from the dock from the fishermen directly which sell their day’s catch by their boats.

The yachting community is pretty strong here, thanks mainly to the numerous docks and marinas which moor a wide array of yachts and Yacht Charter crews. They all come here in search of small islets, hidden coves and out-of-sight beaches which are only accessible by water.

In case you get bored, you can always travel to neighboring cities such as Ameglia or La Spezia which can offer much more in terms of touristic attractions, nightlife and dining possibilities.

Event & Actions
People coming here are in no way looking for a loud or tumultuous experience which is why Bocca di Magra appeals to a certain part of the Yacht Charter crowds. There is a lot of sailing potential in the region, there is fishing, hiking an some sunbathing on the local beaches.
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