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Yacht Charter Antalya

Turkey Antalya
Few of you know that Antakya is actually the world’s 4th most visited city and Turkey’s eight city in terms of population while also being the largest sea resort in the country. With credentials like this, you don’t really need to be convinced to take a Yacht Charter trip here, do you?
General Info
The Yacht Charter resort is located in southeastern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, which is known to locals and regulars as the Turkish Riviera. Its history stretches back to 150 BC when it was known as Attalia, replacing the ancient town of Phaselis (whose ruins can still be seen today south of the city) as the major harbor of the reigon.

Travel & Arrival
Antalya is serviced by its own international airport which operates low cost flights from Istanbul, which is how most Yacht Charter crews arrive here. The airport is 10km from the city and it has flight operators from across Europe (including low cost) such as Transavia, AtlasJet, Sun Express, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Ukraine International Airline etc.

The transfer to town by taxi is somewhat expensive and there’s always the risk of being scammed. Instead, many choose to travel by bus (locally called Havaş) which make runs every hour. There are also public buses but these only leave from domestic terminals which might mean you have to do a bit of walking in the airport.

The train is not really an option since there are no direct lines into Yacht Charter Antalya and the closest train station is Burdur, 122km to the north, which also doesn’t have any direct lines from Istanbul. So it’s really not worth the hassle.

Instead you can arrive by boat from destinations such as Marmaris, Rhodes, Kastellorizo (a tiny fishing village in Greece, right next to Kas).

Avant & Apres Sail
One wise man once that Antalya is full of two things: history and art. While on a trip here, it would be nice to take your Yacht Charter crew to experience both. Let’s start with the more famous landmarks in the city. The most iconic is the old quarter, Kaleici, which has narrow street enclosed neatly by the old city walls who used to protect the people within from foreign enemies but nowadays they simply provide protection from the noise and the heat.

Make sure you enter this area through the famous Hadrianus Gate which was named after the Roman Emperor who built it.

Some other attractions include the Yivli Minaret, the Karatai Medresesi, the Iskele Mosque, Hadrian’s Arch and the Clock Tower. Also worth a visit is the Antalya Archeology Museum for its considerable collection of artifacts.

On your travels you might be tempted to pick up a trinket or two from the various shops. Here’s what you need to know: the most usual souvenirs are kilims, the famous blue eyes, fake designer clothes, shoes, aromatic herbs and waterpipes or hookas.

Food in Yacht Charter Antalya is generally good and cheap also. You’ll find that all the waiters at the restaurants are extremely friendly, especially to foreign tourists for a little tip. Keep in mind that tipping is an old custom here and most locals expect you to uphold it. For a good meal you should try one of the seafood restaurants.

The nightlife in such a popular city as Antalya can only be fabulous. There are plenty of places around town where you can have a drink and lounge in from of a waterpipe (narghile as the locals call it). Some have games, live acts and plenty of sitting around on Turkish divans.

Events & Actions
The most famous out of town location is Kemer, a touristic zone full of historical sites, night life and cheap hotels half an hour from Antalya city, Alanya which is located 2 hours to the south. There are also a lot of beaches where you can enjoy the hot Mediterranean sun, including Konyaalti, Lar and Karpuzkaldiran.

Among the major events happening in Yacht Charter throughout the year, there are the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in the last week f September, the International Eurasia Film Festival, the Antalya Festival in September, the Mediterranean International Music Festival in October which lasts 6 days, the Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival Competition takin place in the last week of August and the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival in June and July.
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