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Croatia ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik - The Perfect Base for Exploring the Adriatic
Located at the mouth of a river, near the ancient town of yacht charter Dubrovnik and with a well proceted base, the Marina has been awarded the Blue Award for the clean facilities and beaches surrounding it. Definitely a stop point when in Croatia.

Location & Approach
A well known marina that was awarded the coveted Blue Flag Award in 1999, the Dubrovnik marina is open all year round and can be found by Yacht Charter regulars near Dubrovnik harbor on Croatia’s Adriatic coast in the south. The area has numerous marinas since sailing is a popular pastime here and lots of locals and foreigners choose to bring their boats here for a relaxing vacation.

The exact position of the marina is 42°40,2 N 18°03,5' E on the northern shore of the river Ombla, about 2 nautical miles from the Dubrovnik port of Gruz and 6km from Dubrovnik itself. The entrance to the marina does present some hazards to Yacht Charter due to the shoals of the Rijeka Dubrovacka and also to the strong winds which cause high waters at the mouth of the river, where it meets the sea. The marina is lit by floodlights during the night and has a long breakwater to protect it from the river currents.

The approach to the marina is marked by the monastery at Rozat. As a means of locating the Rijeka Dubrovacka, you can use the islet of Daska which has a small lighthouse on its northern side. Then, proceed into the entry point to the channel which is marked by a lighthouse on the Cape Kantafig. Follow the course of the river to the Mokosica lighthouse and finally to the ACI Marina Dubrovnik. From this point on the river becomes narrower and shallower so Yacht Charter skippers with bigger boats should not venture past it.

Infrastructure & Ambience
With 450 berths on the water and an additional 110 boat places on land, the ACI Marina Dubrovnik can be considered a medium-sized Yacht Charter facility with plenty of quality services for its customers.

Speaking of services, here are some of the things you can expect to come across when visiting the Yacht Charter marina: a reception office, an exchange office, a nautical shop, a car park, a fuel station which also provides butane bottles, a 5t crane, two travel lifts (25 and 60t respectively) and a slipway where you can perform most types of boat repairs, from engine to electronics and fiberglass.

The marina also provides you with toilets and showers, a swimming pool, a café, tennis courts, a laundry services and a market where you can stock up on supplies. As you can see, they have a pretty wide range of services and an almost complete offer for their Yacht Charter customers. But in case you should need something else, you could also head to the town of Dubrovnik, just 6km away.

This town, though old, still perfectly represents the class and elegance of the Adriatic Coast. In fact, it’s the perfect place to learn how the ancients used to kick back and relax during their vacations. Museums, cafes, restaurants and clubs, all massed together in medieval plazas, await the eager Yacht Charter crowds.

There are also numerous events throughout the year in Dubrovnik which are worth a visit. Keep in mind that the central position on the Adriatic coast of this marina affords you trips to other famous Yacht Charter resorts such as Split, Biograd, Trogir, Zadar or Pula.
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