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Sweden / Marstrand - The Jet-Set Refuge of Western Sweden
A jewel on Sweden’s West coast, Marstrand is a place where king and common folk alike come to enjoy the serene and remote location, the stunning landscape and, of course, a lot of boat-related activities.
General Info
This small but proud city is widely known as a top Yacht Charter resort, despite the fact that if you were to judge it by its size and population, it doesn’t stand out from other settlements in the Bohuslän region from Western Sweden.

This town gets its name from the island it sits on, Marstrandsön, but recently it also expanded on the neighboring island of Koön, thus gaining bridge access to the mainland. The entire region is made up of islands with a rocky relief, lightly covered in a small blanket of vegetation.

Travel & Arrival
Access to the island has been made easier via the bridge on the island of Koön. The way to get to Marstrand by car is to follow the E6 to Kungälv, one of the larger cities of the region, then ride for 25 km on the 168 road to Koön leading to a ferry to Marstrand, However, Yacht Charter car owners should be aware of the fact that private cars are not allowed on the island due to limited space and even on Koön parking is only permitted for 500 m around the ferry.

Since Marstrand is a relatively small island and is situated in a rather remote region, there is no direct air access, meaning you’ll have to take a flight to a neighboring city like Goteburg and then drive from there.

A much easier and indeed more popular method to get to Marstrand is to get here in a boat, be it your own or in a Yacht Charter vessel, because in this way you can truly appreciate the beauty of the entire region.

Avant & Apres Sail
Tourism in Marstrand has always been a key activity, even if the town was built on herring fishing. Due to its position and the picturesque landscape Marstrand has been a Yacht Charter holiday magnet for the rich and famous for centuries now. They were all drawn here by the quiet atmosphere, the rustic look and the remote location.

Today, one of the most important things to see in Marstrand is Carlsten Fortress, the old fort built to protect the entire region. Another landmark would be the Marstrand Church, the only building in town to remain standing from the Middle Ages (the town has a history reaching back to the 1200s).

Also, since the scenery is renowned for its unspoiled beauty, many artists and craftsmen come here to seek inspiration, so it would be a good idea to visit any of the exhibits and shops on the island.

Restaurants in Marstrand are known for their tasty food so there should be here a menu to everyone in the Yacht Charter crew's liking, but once you’ve arrived, you should definitely try some of the local seafood or “the sailor’s breakfast”, a classic dish around the islands.

Shopping and indeed most of the tourist activity is centered around the harbor, with shops, restaurants and hotels bundled up to overlook the sea. For the tired Error loading the control 'keyowrd': Value cannot be null. Parameter name: virtualPath tourist this means that everything is within walking distance.

Events & Actions
Definitely the biggest event around here and the one that put Marstrand on the map is Sweden’s Match Cup, a match race sailing competition and a stage in the WC-series World Match Racing Tour. Not only will Yacht Charter parties be able to catch a glimpse of the who’s who of the sailing world, but also some royal figures, because the King of Sweden is a regular at the event that takes place in the first week of July each year.

Activities in or around the island are definitely water-related so you can take your pick from kayaking, deep-sea fishing for cod, mackerel and other salt water fish, diving and boat tours on the archipelago.
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