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Yacht Charter Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab)

Yacht Details
Hull TypeMonohull
Length Over All15.10
Width4.80 m
Draft2.30 m
Displacement15.20 t
Number of Engines1
Engine Power0.00 HP

The YachtBooker yacht model page is where you get information on the boats you can charter to sail to a host of locations and countries around the world. Because we want you to be able to make an informed decision and find the Yacht Charter vessel that best suits your needs, we have a big database with boat models, such as Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab).

The Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab) is preferred by many sailors around the world for its quality and durability, the space it affords to its crew and the easiness of handling. On this page you’ll find further information if you’re interested on chartering a Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab). The technical information box is located in the right of the page and provides you with details such as length, draft, type and number of engines. The port list offers you information on which Yacht Charter ports have this yacht available for charter.

YachtBooker has more than one shipyard in its database so if Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab) is unavailable at the current shipyard, please feel free to search for it at another location, by selecting another shipyard from the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. Another search criteria would be the period of your Yacht Charter holiday. If you can’t find your Dufour 500 Grand Large (4Cab) at the desired period, you might want to try to choose another from the list at the bottom of the page.

Yacht Charter Dufour 500 Grand Large can be chartered from the following locations

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