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Greece Volos Village
Situated on the island of Thessaly, the city of Volos is also the third largest port in the country, making it a hit with the Yacht Charter crews, being at the middle point between Athens and Thessaloniki, two large yachting centers.
General Info
The city of Volos sits on the site of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Pagasae and Iolkos, and it’s been a place of great importance since ancient times, being one of the cities that hosted the Olympic Games.

Throughout its history it changed hands from the Byzantines, to the Ottomans then back to the Greeks in 1881. During that time, each civilization left its mark and today there are numerous vestiges to attest to its long and tumultuous history.

Travel & Arrival
The Volos Airport is located 30km southwest of the city and has flights from all major European operators, especially German ones, since this is a popular place for Germans. Currently, there are plans for an expansion of the airport as well as a train line to link to airport to the city.

By land, you can always drive to Volos as there are international bus lines linking the city with Athens and other towns in Europe.

By water, there is a ferry operator which has several lines running to different location in Greece, usually neighboring islands such as Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

Avant & Apres Sail
The main attractions in town are the Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos, the St. Nikolaos Square, the city cathedral which is dedicated to the city’s patron saint, St. Nicholas, the seaside park, the Agios Konstantinos church and the promenade.

A great attraction for Yacht Charter visitors is the Alykes minucipal beach where you’ll also find some nice cafes that stay open after dark. Also worth a trip are the neighboring mountains of Portaria and Makrynitsa which can offer you a splendid view, as well as some specimens of local architecture.

Sadly, most of the city’s neoclassical architecture has been replaced by the 20th century industrial boom as well as by a devastating earthquake which hit in 1955. However, there are still some things to see that will offer you an idea of the old Volos.

Events & Actions
There is a large number of cinemas in the city which are worth checking out on a slow day on during an evening, not to mention a hoard of bars, pubs and clubs where you can spend a louder night out with friends.

Apart from that there is sun bathing, a very popular pastime among the locals all summer long. Of course, for those that love water activities, there are water sports, as well as a local water park for a fun day out with the kids or your mates.
Volos Yacht Charter
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Oceanis 381 (3Cab) Oceanis 381
2000 | 6 pers | 11.75 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 1360 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 41 (3Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 41
2014 | 6 pers | 12.35 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2010 EUR
Bavaria 41 (3Cab) Bavaria 41
2003 | 6 pers | 12.55 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 1360 EUR
Bavaria Cruiser 46 (4Cab) Bavaria Cruiser 46
2017 | 8 pers | 14.27 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 3130 EUR
Bavaria 46 (4Cab) Bavaria 46
2005 | 10 pers | 14.48 m | 2 Toilets
offers from 2130 EUR
Bavaria 51 Cruiser (5Cab) Bavaria 51 Cruiser
2009 | 10 pers | 15.5 m | 3 Toilets
offers from 3150 EUR
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