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Yacht Charter Poros

Greece Aegean Poros
With a tourist tradition dating back to the 50s, with a rugged but beautiful landscape, with lots of modern facilities yet with an ancient style and look, Poros deserves the title of sailing holiday top destination. There is plenty of exploring to do both on land and on water to appeal to your adventurer’s spirit.

General Info
In Greece’s Saronic Gulf you’ll find an island-pair with an interesting mountainous landscape and a long history that left its mark on the people its places. It’s called Poros and it’s been a regular Yacht Charter destination from as early as the 50s, ensuring it has a tradition in offering you the best services.

Travel & Arrival
You’ll surely feel the ancient atmosphere when traveling down here as the only way to set foot on the island is by water. Sure, your Yacht Charter crew can catch a flight to Athens International Airport which is 73 km away, but the trip back will be made by ferry via Pireus, a port in Athens.

Othewise, just book a ticket on the numerous ferries that leave Pireus on a daily basis. Some other cities that have ferries or fast catamarans (called flying dolphins) arriving in Poros are Peiraias and Galatas. During the Yacht Charter season, the frequency of these boats is higher, but during the cold months the number of runs decreases.

Avant & Apres Sail
The pine forests, the olive and lemon trees that cover most of the countryside have inspired many writers the likes of Giorgios Seferis, Kosmas Politis and Henry Miller. So your Yacht Charter skipper should definitely take you for a trip around the island.

But not just the natural setting in Poros is inspiring, also the architecture which follows the neoclassical current. Places like the Villa Deimezi, the Korizi plaza where you’ll find the Archeological Museum, the Zoodochu Pigi Monastery or the Public Library are worth dropping by. In case you’re looking for remnants of the ancient Greek civilization, all your Yacht Charter party needs to do is head to the northestern part of the island, to the Temple of Poseidon, or what is left of it today after centuries have passed over its stones.

It’s safe to say you’ve worked up an appetite by now, so let us guide to the best places to grab a bite to eat. Yacht Charter gourmets are probably going to want to sample the local souvlaki, but there are other foods that the locals specialize in: the Italian pizza or the French crepes, not to mention that all-time favorite, icecream.

When night falls, the island comes alive with hundreds of Yacht Charter tourists looking for fun. They head to one of the many bars that stay open late, to one of the clubs, cinemas or venues with live Greek music. This is only a matter of choice but the offer is extremely varied.

Shopping isn’t neglected either in Poros, and while you’re going to find souvenir shops and stalls at every corner, there are also clothes boutiques, bookstores and jewelries where you can leave your hard-earned cash. There is even a hairdressers where the Yacht Charter ladies can freshen up their dos after a day at the beach.

Events & Actions
In the marina you’ll find diving schools and water-sports facilities. That’s if you don’t choose to lounge by the beach or sit in a bar all day. Those Yacht Charter addicts can go sailing or take boat trips around the islands.

The events in Poros mirror the religious devotion found throughout Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean, as most of the festivities here occur on saints’ days or during religious holidays. But for those fortunate to arrive here during the sailor’s week, there are a lot of things to see. Sadly, this is a biannual event, meaning that it only takes place during the first 10 days of July once every 2 years.
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