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Yacht Charter Malta

With its long history and strategic position within the Mediterranean basin, Malta has been known as an inexpensive yet very fun sailing destination for tourists all over Europe and the Middle East. The perfect place for an action-packed, learning holiday

General Info
Right smack in the middle of Mediterranean, this small island has been a strategic point disputed by the many powers that operated in the region throughout the ages. Today, it’s a popular Yacht Charter destination thanks to its location, its climate and its history.

Being described as an open-air museum, Malta is full of open spaces that will surely appeal to those Yacht Charter sport buffs because there’s an endless supply of interesting outdoor activities to do and lots of historical landmarks to discover.

Travel & Arrival
The island has its own international airport and even its own operator, Air Malta, making runs to and from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The airport is situated near the town of Luqa and is also serviced by a number of low cost airlines perfect for every Yacht Charter sailor’s budget.

The other way of getting on the island is by ferry, the closest ports being the Italian cities of Catania and Pozzallo, Livorno, Salerno, Rome, Palermo, Genoa. There are fast boats that can get you in less than two hours on the island but these are more expensive and sometimes prove to be a rougher ride. Most Yacht Charter tourists come via the big ferries, that carry cars and trucks.

Avant & Apres Sail
The first city you should visit is the island’s capital city, Valleta, which has a lot of old churches, palaces, forts and museums worth seeing. Some other places that get Yacht Charter crowds flowing are the Hagar Quin and Mnajdra stone age temples, Melliena, a small settlement that holds the best beaches in Malta, Golden Bay which, as the name suggests is one of those perfect destinations to moor your Yacht Charter boat, Blue Grotto, a series of caves and natural rock formations, and Saint Thomas Bay, a sort of lookout point towards the sea.

As any Yacht Charter gourmand would expect, the local Maltese cuisine relies heavily on Italian influences. The local specialty is cooked rabbit (fenek) and a form of pastries (pastizzi). But these are considered special treats for special occasions. Regular cuisine is fish and vegetable based. Tourist restaurants will offer a great variety of recipes in their menus based on these and you’re advised to try them all – Mediterranean cuisine is not only delicious, it’s also healthy.

Those avid Yacht Charter parties can find a good time in Paceville, north of St. Julian. The bars, pubs and clubs here all have free entry. Even the local young population congregates here on weekends for drinking and partying. You too can indulge in the local beer called Cisk or the local wines which are tasty and inexpensive.

Events & Actions
Events in Malta spread throughout the year and cover the most varied aspects of culture and entertainment: there’s a music festival (August), a wine festival (September), a boat show (September), an international airshow (also in September), historical reenactments (all through the year) and even a pastry festival for those Yacht Charter cooks looking to steal some recipes.

As far as activities go, it’s safe to say you won’t get bored while in Malta. Water sports like diving, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing and, of course, sailing are popular among the marinas and harbors, so you won’t be the only Yacht Charter aficionado out there on the water. Let’s not forget that there are numerous regattas held here from April to November, the most famous being the Comino Regatta in June and the Malta-Syracuse keelboat race in July.

On land, there are even more things to do. Malta is renowned for its golf courses and tennis courts, while horseback riding is the most loved spectator sport on the island. And at the end of the day Yacht Charter crews can enjoy a trip to a spa where they can relax.
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