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Yacht Charter Baltic Sea

Also known to its inhabiters and visitors as Sun Island, this place is one of the sunniest places in Germany and one of the mildest climates in the Baltic. Sailing and surfing are local sports and the natural setting retains its centuries-old look, making Fehmarn look like it lost touch with the passing of time.

Sea & Coast

In the German Baltic Sea, close to the Danish border, on the eastern coast of the Schleswig-Holstein state there is an island called Fehmarn (also Femern in Danish) which is considered to be the sunniest place in Germany. This 185 square kilometer island is proving to be one of the favorite Yacht Charter destinations in Germany, with its 78 km of low coastline and bays.

To the north, Fehmarn is separated by just 18 km of water from the Lolland Island in Denmark. This particular stretch of water is known to Yacht Charter skippers as the Fehmarn Belt. There is a ferry making runs from Puttgarden in Germany to Rѳdbyhavn in Denmark daily, on a trip that usually takes 45 minutes. This is a great way to get here for tourists coming in from Denmark or other northern countries.

The island is also connected to the German mainland via the Fehmarn Sound Bridge which was completed in 1963 and covers the almost kilometer-long distance allowing road and train line access to the island. It’s how most of the Yacht Charter people get on the island and thus enjoy the mild climate and the beautiful scenery.

And speaking of the scenery, Fehmarn is renowned for its beautiful landscape. In fact, the three natural reserves present here are considered to be the most attractive part of the island. They extend from inland to the shoreline, varying from sandy beaches (perfect for sunbathing) to low cliffs (where the Yacht Charter guests can go hiking or climbing).

The island is also well known for its large water birds colonies which are a real treat for any Yacht Charter birdwatcher. For an educational trip, all you have to do is head down to NABU bird sanctuary where you’re going to see a large variety of species.

Yacht Charter Baltic Sea - Culture & History

The biggest town on the island is Burg but there are also some 40 smaller villages scattered along the coast which hold a distinct Danish style. Burg goes back to the 13th century but the strategic position of the island meant that it was inhabited well before that, when the Slavs settled here in the 8th century. Germans and Christianity came in the 12 century and have dominated since, which is why today any visiting Yacht Charter crew should speak German.

All the villages share the same rough pattern when it comes to architecture: a small village pond, cobbled streets, big brick barns and clusters of trees at the edges of the village. Most of the homes were built before 1850 so Yacht Charter crews will surely enjoy the overall old feel of the island. The rest of Fehmarn is covered with green grazing fields and wide pastures.

Seamanship & Experience for Yacht Charter Baltic Sea

There are numerous sailing facilities on the island as well as other water sports, such as surfing and windsurfing. However, the region is not as accessible as you might think which is why you can find 5 lighthouses around Fehmarn’s coasts warning you about the dangers at night.

The best time to come to Fehmarn to sail is during the summer months when sunny days and calm waters make the trip very fun. There are no significant winds blowing during the day and mooring is done in the island’s artificial or natural bays, all with wide openings to the sea. Yacht Charter skippers will be glad to find that their boasts are going to be very well taken care of while on Fehmarn island.
GoodBaltic Sea
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3 Reviews for Baltic Sea
latest by "Heinz-Jürgen" on 10 Sep 2016
  • : - 4.82
    "Lovely Marina, in beautiful setting with easy access and safe parking. Value for money puts UK and Med to shame."
  • : - 4.17
    "sehr abwechlungsreiche Tour; grüne Welle im Elbe-Lübeck Kanal"
  • : - 4.30
    "Hilfe bei der Segelreparatur, Landschaft der Dänischen Suedsee"
  • : - 4.31
    "Beautiful sailing area, both for experienced as well as inexperienced sailors. Very nice authentic harbours with low rates and frendly people."
  • : - 4.76
    "Skipper mit wenig Erfahrung sollten sich nicht nachts fortbewegen da einige Häfen unbeleuchtet sind ..."
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