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Yacht Charter Adriatic / South

Adriatic Southern ItalyCroatia Baska VodaCroatia CoastCroatia DubrovnikCroatia KorsulaCroatia MakarskaCroatia Split Diocletian PalaceCroatia Split Harbor
The southern part of the Adriatic is characterized by exceptional water quality, an excellent climate and plenty of things to see and do while on land too. While here, you can visit some lovely resorts such as yacht charter Dubrovnik, nicknamed the "Pearl of the Adriatic" on the fashionable Makarska Riviera.
Croatia’s Adriatic Sea with its large and small bays, beaches and yacht harbours is a paradise for each sailor. Its geographical situation, transit connections to all European centres as well as its pleasant Mediterranean climate and untouched beauty constitute the unique atmosphere of Croatia.

The Croatian coast can be called the Eldorado for sport boat sailors. The fissured coast and the numerous pre-aged islands raise a discovery-fever by each ambitious skipper. The crystal-clear water and turquoise bays - this is what people dream of in the office! In fact, the Croatian coast of the Adriatic has the best water quality of the north Mediterranean. Almost everywhere you will find secure and attractive anchor places and well maintained marinas.

After the period of socialistic planned economy under Tito and the disorders from the war in the 90s, Croatia has risen to a modern country with free market economy and it has gained on rapidly in tourist sector over the last few years. Being a guest, you will be friendly welcomed everywhere and in most cases you can rely on good or very good service.
The middle Dalmatian coast is the area from the historical town Trogir via Split, the capital town of Dalmatia, to Makarska Riviera. Characteristic for this area, including the islands Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis, are the extraordinary mild climate and the sumptuous vegetation.

The highlight of southern Dalmatia is certainly Dubrovnik with its medieval old town, surrounded by impressing fortress walls. Dubrovnik belongs to the World cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The Dubrovnik Riviera attracts with its various beautiful coastal towns and the art treasures of Dubrovnik. The streets, places, churches and buildings of this town witness of its long and interesting history.
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latest by "Helmut" on 15 Aug 2015
  • : August 2015 - 4.73
    "a lot of nice place and bays"
  • : July 2015 - 4.63
    "great waters and beautiful landscape"
  • : May 2015 - 4.87
    "Super je jedriti u Pred-sezoni kad nema puno Brodova"
  • : May 2014 - 4.61
    "It is as a good sailing area as anywhere in the world "
  • : April 2014 - 4.87
    "Everything! Our skipper knew the very best places to visit, both for natural beauty and for great fo..."
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