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  • Antigua
    This island in the West Indies ranks frequently in the preferences of sailors from across the world. Yacht Charter Antigua island is the main island of the country Antigua & Barbuda and it attracts many sailing enthusiasts with its beaches and clear waters every year between April and November.
  • Australia
    It's been said that the waters of the Pacific aren't similar to any other ocean on Earth. If this is the case, then the shorelines around Australia should truly be an unique experience for any sailor who ventures out here.
  • Belgium
    Despite being called a Kingdom, Belgium is actually a federal state from Western Europe with a strong economy and also an integral part of the Yacht Charter community through its North Sea coast that provides a playground for open sea sailors.
  • Brazil
    If you’re searching for some of the wildest and yet most beautiful places to sail you’re yacht, then you should definitely set sail towards the green and untamed coasts of Brazil. Obviously, this country is much more of a cultural phenomenon with symbols such as Rio de Janeiro, coffee, soccer and scantily clad women dancing the samba on white beaches. We’re not sure if you’ll get all of that in one visit, but it’s worth crossing the Atlantic to find out whether or not yacht charter Brazil is the best location in South America.
  • The Bahamas
    One of the most famous groups of islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas needs no introduction. The large number of tourists who come here year after year in search of yacht charters Caribbean are a testament to the great conditions to be found here: lovely weather, sandy beaches and warm water throughout the year.
  • Belize
  • Canada
    The Desolation Sounds and the San Juan Islands are the most spectacular Yacht Charter escapes of Canada. Just outside Vancouver starts the wildlife with deep green forests and pristine fjords. After a sailing day you can finish your day with some fishing, sea kayaking or simply inhaling the nature experiences.
  • Cuba
    Landscapes of untold beauty and great cultural heritage await you in Cuba. After a charter cruise between coral gardens and white bays you will forget about your everyday life at home…
  • Cape Verde
    These archipelago islands in off the west coast of Africa are a relative newcomer to the Yacht Charter circuit, but the 10 islands have numerous secluded beaches and coves where the sailing enthusiasts can play. Coupled with a low crime rate, an engaging people that hails its cultural heritage from both Africa and Portugal, Cape Verde should make for an interesting holiday in the East Atlantic.
  • Czech Republic
    River sailing in central Europe has its benefits: no dangerous conditions, a great way to see the countryside and the many medieval towns along the shores, and you can always drop anchor for a break. The Czech Republic offers all of these and much more.
  • Germany
    From lakes to coastal waters, Germany has a lot to offer to those who know their way around a boat and enjoy the open seas. From the Baltic and North Sea coast to the lakes around Berlin, Germany is actually a sailor's paradise. Regions like Fehmarn Island, Kiel Bay and Mecklenburg Lake District are perfect for yacht charter Germany holidays.
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
    First discovered by Columbus on his way to America, the Dominican Republic takes up 2 thirds of the island of Hispaniola which is located in the Caribbean. Opening up to both the Caribbean and the open waters of the Atlantic, the Yacht Charter Dominican Republic has a great sailing potential.
  • Egypt
    There are more things about Egypt other than the pyaramids. Just check out the Red Sea coast and you'll find some of the best exclusive resorts and some of the best diving sites in the world, with some awesome sailing opportunities on the side.
  • Spain
    Gentle on beginner and expert sailors alike, Spain is a great sailing destination. Although mainland Spain has its own regions where sailing can be fun, it’s the Spanish archipelagoes like the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands that are real sailor magents.
  • France
    France is not only the most visited country in the world, but also remains a active sailing destination in the Mediterranean basin, thanks mostly to the famous resorts on a stretch of land known locally and worldwide as the Cote d'Azur. What draws so many yacht charter sailors to these shores is the beautiful landscape, a laidback lifestyle and a wonderful cuisine.
  • Grenada
    Formed actually by a number of islands, the Commonwealth of Grenada is the southernmost of the Windward islands. The name Spice Island comes from the numerous spices which are grown here commercially and then exported to many countries around the Globe. Yacht Charter crews comes here for the silver beaches, the lush mountains and the sheltered natural harbors.
  • Guadeloupe
    A French department in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe seems to attract most of the tourists coming to the region, not just for the beaches and warm waters but also for the colonial style that seems to have endured here, not to mention the rugged jungle outback which is a favorite with those thrill seeking visitors.
  • Greece
    Greece happens to be the best place for yacht charter with its many islands and archipelagoes scattered in the Ionian, Aegean and the rest of the Mediterranean Sea. With a sailing tradition that spans for thousands of years, you’ll find Greece very well prepared to accommodate pleasure sailors. Also, it has a rich history that increases its holiday potential.
  • Croatia
    Croatia is a country made for sailing and sailing enthusiasts – the water of the Adriatic is always clean and clear, there are countless miles of beautiful seashore filled with coves and pebble beaches and some of the most renowned archipelagos in the Mediterranean like Kornati or the best bays like Kvaner and the biggest medieval coastal towns like Dubrovnik or Pula.
  • Hungary
    Located in central Europe, few would think to consider Hungary a yacht charter destination. However, thanks to the Balaton Lake, which happens to be the largest in this part of the continent, Hungary can sustain a number of avid sailors to its location. With its 77km of coastline and beneficial mineral waters that are said to feel “like silk” to the touch, yacht charter Hungary does seem to have a good offer for holidaymakers.
  • Italy
    There’s no denying that Italy has one of the greatest touristic appeals of all Mediterranean countries. This is especially true for sailors. Apart from the fact that Italy lies right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s also a country with a long and fascinating history, huge cultural potential and which boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines and islands – regions like Liguria and Tuscany or Sardinia and Sicily.
  • Saint Lucia
    It's easy to fall in love with Saint Lucia, and many people coming here actually do, meaning they return to its sandy, palm-lined beaches and deep blue waters year after year. and for boaters it's even more fun exploring the island and the rest of the Lesser Antilles in the vicinity.
  • Lithuania
  • Montenegro
    With the dramatic bay of Kotor and a number of medieval cities along its coast, yacht charter Montenegro is definitely one of the latest stars of the Adriatic, becoming more and more popular among the Yacht Charter circuit mainly due to the fact that was innaccesible for a long time, but also for its rugged beauty. With lots of quality beaches that seem to never be crowded, it's no wonder that an increasing number of people choose the wild parts for a quiet holiday off the beaten path.
  • Madagascar
    Although positioned near the African continent, there's nothing African about Madagascar. With its own plant and animal species, its colonial culture and tropical landscapes, Madagascar draws in numerous tourists looking for more than just a holiday by the beach, but an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • Martinique
    Want to feel like you're in Paris but still be on tropical shores? Then Martinique is the best place for you to visit, as this French department fulfills all requirements for your Caribbean yacht charter needs. From the port Le Marin you can set sail north or southward to explore the long arc of the Caribbean Antilles.
  • Malta
    We recommend yacht charter Malta as the perfect starting place for a sailing holiday, just because it's a wonderful location from where to start exploring the Mediterranean, with many things to offer to the intrepid sailor. Being located at the border of Europe and Asia, the island has a long culture and thus there is a lot of exploring to be done here. Perfect for those interested in shoreline sailing.
  • Malaysia
  • New Caledonia
    About 1500 km east of Australia there is a paradise for those who enjoy sailing, it’s an archipelago of island called New Caledonia, considered to be the largest coral lagoon in the world and the second largest barrier reef with its 1600 km of length. And if you need proof about the locals’ devotion to boats, know that they hold the second place in the world for most boat-owners. So yacht charter New Caledonia sounds like a hospitable place for yachties.
  • Netherlands
    Never too far away from water, in yacht charter Netherlands you can enjoy some of the most beautiful coastlines of the north Sea and also navigate the safe waters of the IJsselmeer. A land with a strong maritime tradition and with great infrastructure when it comes to the Yacht Charter industry.
  • Norway
    Despite common belief, yacht charter Norway is a great place to spend the summer vacation, with lots of sunshine and fair weather, especially on the east and northen coasts, where one can also find some of the most beautiful fjords in the world. Yacht charter Norway also provides a very comprehensive marine infrastructure and lots of sailor-friendly ports all along its coastline.
  • Polynesia
    Imagine thousands of islands scattered for thousands of square kilometers across the south Pacific, all covered in lush tropical vegetation and with sandy beaches and transparent waters. That's what Polynesia is all about, so it's no wonder it's one of the most coveted exotic destinations for sailors who love the open waters.
  • Poland
    Although an often overlooked sailing destination, Poland presents lots of opportunities for Yacht Charter enthusiasts, both along the Baltic coast and on the Masurian Lakes. There are wonderful beaches, an interesting history and an even more attractive cuisine which can satisfy all age groups of tourists.
  • Portugal
    Welcome to the beautiful Portuguese coast which opens up to the waters of the east Atlantic. Here you’ll find some very beautiful resorts such as Algarve which offer miles upon miles of sandy beaches, lots of accommodation and sunshine all year round. Take the time to explore the numerous fishing villages with their Moorish architecture and spend away your holiday at any of the numerous golf courses scattered along the coast.
  • Russia
  • Seychelles
    Welcome to the last paradise! Nature has top priority on the Seychelles. The beautiful islands Praslin, Fregate and La Digue are just a few hours cruise from the capital’s port Mahe. This tropical archipelago is the ideal Yacht Charter destination for sailing with couples or families.
  • Sweden
    Come visit the largest archipelago in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Europe. Yacht charter Sweden is a top destination for all those who love sailing and will offer top conditions (both natural and in terms of infrastructure) to those who prefer colder climates.
  • Slovenia
    Romantic bays and fabulous small towns with Venetian past. Despite its length of just 45 kilometres, the coastline of Slovenia is very attractive. Slovenia, often also called the “Riviera of the Adriatic”, is appreciated by charter guests for its manageability, mild climate, towns steeped in history and friendly people.
  • Saint Martin
  • Thailand
    The most famous Yacht Charter destination in Thailand is the Phang Nga Bay between the island Phuket and Langkawi at the border to Malaysia. You can set sails from Yacht Haven Marina or Boat Lagoon that are just a few miles from the famous vertical limestone cliffs that peer like giant dents right out of the sea. Sailing south will bring you to the tropical beaches of Phi Phi Island. From November until February an excellent charter cruise destination are the Similian Islands at the Andaman Sea.
  • Turkey
    Turkey holds all the mysteries of the exotic orient as well as bordering the lovely Mediterranean Sea. Its coastline is well suited for sailing and stretches for many kilometers (up to 8300) with the many coves, bays and remote sandy beaches. The most famous part is the Turkish Riviera between Cesme and Antalya.
  • United Kingdom
    Since it’s an island nation, the United Kingdom has had a long tradition of sailing in order to maintain ties with mainland Europe. Sailors par excellence, the British also have plenty of scenic spots around their island where to enjoy the wind in their sails. The south of the island in particular is yacht-friendly, regions like Solent where sailing is a national pastime.
  • United States (USA)
    Though it's not as accessible as European countries, America is a great place for anyone with an active interest in sailing. Mile after miles of coastline in both the Pacific and the Atlantic await those brave enough to venture out this far.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • British Virgin Islands
    The islands provide you and your crew with countless sailing opportunities between the tens of islands, inhabited or deseted, lots of sunny days throughout the year and a very nice touristic infrastructure allowing for an unforgettable experience in the Caribbean.

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